A Message for the New Parliamentarians

    Congratulations to those who succeeded in their election bid. We won’t know the exact composition of parliament until the tally of special votes is announced on 3rd November, but whatever the result, a formidable task without precedent awaits the new parliament:

    Our economy is in tatters, the health of the nation is at risk, crime is rampant, and our solidarity as a people has been rent asunder.

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    Among the most pressing tasks facing the government is to find out what happened during the last three years. The outgoing parliament has been secretive in the extreme to our detriment. Many of our politicians have been re-elected. We are a trusting nation and this trust has been exploited to our cost. It will not be possible to find a safe way ahead until the extent of dissimulation is fathomed and corrected.

    Our health service has fallen into disrepair and disarray as unprecedented ill health has affected the nation. As we have been reporting with official figures, we currently have the third highest excess death rate in the OECD. Rates of hospitalisation for heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, reproductive disease, cancers, and inflammatory illness have soared. The number of people unable to work through disability has similarly ballooned. A mental health crisis is unfolding.

    Yet we have been left in the dark about the true extent of these problems and their causes. Throughout the last three years the health landscape has been dominated by the pandemic and the government’s response to it. Pandemic policy has enjoyed cross party support, but a comprehensive assessment of policy outcomes for health is missing.

    Universal mRNA Covid vaccination has been and continues to be the mainstay of government pandemic policy. Incredibly, we have been denied access to data which differentiates between the health outcomes of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

    The government granted generous funding and unfettered access to our NZ health data to the Global Vaccine Data Network headed by Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris, with the promise that they would rapidly complete and release a comprehensive report. They haven’t done so. So far Dr Petousis-Harris has admitted that she personally would not be getting a Covid Booster whilst continuing to advise the public to get theirs. Other commissioned scientific reports about myocarditis for example are similarly missing in action.

    Curiously, key data is being withheld from public view and scrutiny. We have been left with leaked hints like the Wellington Region health data which indicates that there was an uptick in health problems after the vaccine rollout began, but before Covid was spreading in the community. An uptick which grew into an 83% rise in heart disease for example.

    Crucially, this is not merely a case of organisational chaos, staff shortages, and funding shortfalls. This is a health crisis like none other before. It has affected all age groups. In other words, young and working age people with an expectation of robust health have been prematurely affected.

    The most disturbing aspect of the outgoing parliament has been their attempts to exclude and discredit those asking questions such as those mentioned above. This has amounted to nothing less than a rejection of the fundamentals of a democratic open society. It included the manipulation of media content. This needs to be reversed.

    The government willingly crossed a threshold into a daunting and risk-filled era of biotechnology experimentation without a reliable road map, yet they cancelled those asking questions including those pointing to established principles of risk well-known to science. They did so through draconian censorship and coercion. This needs to stop.

    The government has a responsibility to protect the public from harm

    If the incoming government is to have any chance of success it will need to do more than fall back on tired formulas from the past. What has happened is unlike anything from the past. The long term health outcomes and their extent remain unknown. There is enough evidence already to suggest these will be serious and sustained. Their amelioration will require new approaches, open minds, and an examination of deep principles. This cannot involve continued division, obfuscation, and deliberate secrecy.

    It will require a cooperative approach to government. The new government received the support of 50% of voters, it faces crises that it helped to create which have affected and are continuing to affect 100% of the population in novel ways. It is also facing a global crisis of security and trust. The advice NZ received from the centres of so-called healthcare innovation over the last three years was flawed, exploitative, and fraught with serious risk. We accepted a false safe and effective narrative. Many suffered adverse health events as a result. Global biotechnology experimentation on the public needs to stop. Now is the opportunity for the new government to reply to unanswered questions and set out a new course of action to protect the public from harm.

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