Breaking: The Labour Government Deliberately Gaslit the New Zealand Public

    The Labour Government deliberately gaslighted the NZ public and hid vital information they received from Five Eyes about the pandemic.

    The UK Daily Telegraph has revealed that in January 2021, the United States government shared “gobsmacking” intelligence information with its Five Eyes partners (UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), which suggested a very “high likelihood” that the Covid virus leaked from a Chinese lab. The Five Eyes intelligence-sharing nations were convened to discuss the probability of a lab leak as the US warned that China had covered up research on coronaviruses and military activity at a laboratory in Wuhan.

    At the meeting, Mike Pompeo, then US Secretary of State, presented a summary of classified American intelligence reports collected in the early days of the pandemic and compiled by the State Department. The intelligence reports themselves are understood to have been shared separately via the Five Eyes network between October and December 2020.

    The research revealed for the first time that Chinese military officials had worked with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the years leading up to the pandemic and that some researchers at the lab had become ill shortly before the virus was first recorded nearby. It also showed that Chinese scientists had carried out coronavirus “gain of function” research at the institute, which has since become a key piece of evidence for the lab leak theory.

    The implication is obvious, the US suspected with good reason that the coronavirus was developed as part of a Chinese bioweapon project

    The New Zealand government buried the Five Eyes reports

    These early intelligence findings directly contradicted the official position of the New Zealand government, which had endorsed and funded a paper released on 6th September 2020 by Te Punaha Matatini entitled “Evaluating the infodemic: assessing the prevalence and nature of COVID-19 unreliable and untrustworthy information in Aotearoa New Zealand’s social media, January-August 2020”. This paper was produced with the help of academics working at the universities of Auckland, Waikato, and Canterbury. It was funded directly by the Prime Minister’s Department.

    The paper specifically labelled any suggestion that the Covid virus came from a biotechnology lab in China or that the Chinese government or military was involved as Xenophobic misinformation and a conspiracy theory. The paper further said these ideas were ‘anti-science’ and linked with ‘conservative political ideology and propaganda’.

    The paper also concluded that such information was being created and shared on social media in order to falsely suggest that our government was misleading the public about the pandemic. In fact, it now appears they were.

    As is now clear from the information obtained by the UK Daily Telegraph under a US Freedom of Information request, within a month of the publication of the Te Punaha Matatini paper reliable intelligence information was shared with the NZ government which directly contradicted the narrative being promoted by the Prime Minister’s department.

    So what did Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins and the government do with this information?

    They not only hid it, but they also decided to continue to fund organisations to attack anyone in New Zealand asking questions about Covid origins and Covid vaccine safety. The Disinformation Project grew out of the September 2020 paper. With the financial support of the government it has accrued wide coverage in the media and a deceptive aura of authenticity. It is still active today.

    Not only did the Ardern government hide the information it was receiving from its Five Eyes intelligence partners about Covid’s origins, it also kept quiet about information it received from Pfizer in April 2021 detailing a massive range of adverse effects and health issues occurring subsequent to Covid mRNA vaccination.

    Worse, they mandated the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, told the public they were safe and effective, and refused to grant exemptions except to health service cronies. We now know they were playing a double game.

    We can only speculate as to what the government’s twisted motivations were. It appears from subsequent events that, for reasons unknown, the government and its advisors didn’t want anything to gain traction in the public awareness that might undermine faith in biotechnology research and medicine. They were prepared to go to great lengths to keep the public in the dark and silence their critics.

    Moreover, Ardern was becoming a poster child for a global political movement which was labelling free speech a danger to democracy. Yet it is clear from the information that we now have, that reliable reports were being made available to Ardern pointing directly to something fundamentally dangerous about biotechnology. She chose to ignore these facts and gaslight the public with her own brand of disinformation and coercion.

    Some media are waking up overseas

    Whilst the deficiencies in COVID policy, communication, and safety are being widely discussed overseas, NZ is still being kept in the dark. The New York Times, which has been a bastion of COVID-19 vaccine promotion for the last three and a half years, has suddenly started to come clean. An in-depth article published on May 3rd, 2024, written by their health correspondent Apoorva Mandavilli, who has previously vigorously promoted and defended COVID-19 vaccines, is entitled “Thousands Believe COVID Vaccines Harmed Them. Is Anyone Listening?

    It says: “Some scientists fear that patients with real injuries are being denied help and believe that more needs to be done to clarify the possible risks.”

    It quotes Dr. Janet Woodcock, a longtime leader of the Food and Drug Administration, who retired in February, who said she believed that some recipients had experienced uncommon but “serious” and “life-changing” reactions beyond those described by federal agencies.

    “I feel bad for those people,” said Dr. Woodcock, who became the FDA’s acting commissioner in January 2021 as the vaccines were rolling out. “I believe their suffering should be acknowledged, that they have real problems, and they should be taken seriously.”

    “I’m disappointed in myself,” she added. “I did a lot of things I feel very good about, but this is one of the few things I feel I just didn’t bring it home.”

    The NYT is behind a paywall, but if you want to read a summary of the ground-breaking article, try Igor Chudov’s interesting blog on Substack “Pandemic Officials are “Disappointed in Themselves”, per the New York Times

    Why does all this still matter so much today?

    There is no doubt in hindsight that the Covid era saw the rapid entrenchment of government overreach. The guarantees in our Bill of Rights were trashed, and the bill became a worthless piece of paper overnight. This is still continuing. Despite a new government supposedly pledged to conduct a Covid inquiry, we are still waiting for an apology in New Zealand, and we are still waiting to hear the truth about Covid and Covid vaccines. The public is still being left in the dark, whilst some elsewhere are waking up.

    Unfortunately, biotechnology research, including gain of function experiments, is continuing. Our new government has not heeded the cautionary scientific lessons of the pandemic. The National Party is determined to deregulate biotechnology. In other words, they are planning to make the same devastating mistakes again. Biotechnology mistakes cannot be contained; they spread without limit and persist through generations. New mRNA vaccines and medicines are still being rushed to market and widely promoted despite being unsafe. Those injured by the COVID-19 vaccines are still being gaslighted. Our hospitals are overwhelmed with cancers and heart disease. Excess deaths remain high. A dose of reality, responsibility, remorse and remediation is urgently required.

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