Action to Face the Medical Crisis Can No Longer Be Postponed

    Government inquiries seldom change reality. Public submissions to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into COVID-19 Lessons Learned are now closed and the Commissioners blandly note on their website:

    “The submissions we have received will be considered alongside other interviews conducted and evidence received to form the Inquiry’s final report.”

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    You can still sign ‘The People’s Terms’ and register your concerns. These will be submitted to the Commission on behalf of the 31,432 people (0.8% of our adult population) who have signed so far. There is very little time left to sign and add your voice. More support and action is still needed that will have to go well beyond any possible outcome of the inquiry. Inquiries in other countries have petered out into irrelevance and controlled double speak.

    What Can We Do Now?

    During the pandemic, the Hatchard Report and countless others have written of the dangers and referenced the scientific evidence until there seems to be little more that could be said. Much of what was predicted from the early days has come out to be verified by research.

    Yes, Covid vaccine components can integrate into our DNA.

    Yes, Covid vaccination rates are correlated with excess mortality.

    Yes, there is an ‘unexplained’ (???) epidemic of heart disease and cancer.

    Yes, record numbers of people are becoming sick and leaving the workforce

    Despite this growing evidence of harm; medical, pharmaceutical and biotech policies, procedures, finances and power structures have become entrenched in local, national and global governance. We are in the thick of it.

    The Covid vaccines are the latest in a long line of so-called modern pharmaceutical miracles that seem to cause the very things they are designed to prevent. Blood thinners for example that are aimed at preventing cardiovascular disease have shortness of breath, chest pain, heart arrhythmia and bleeding listed among their many side effects. Pain killers, whose long term use increases pain and slows healing. Antidepressants that increase the incidence of suicidal thoughts. And so on. Modern medicine is in crisis, but few are prepared to acknowledge it openly; and it is getting worse.

    As we have outlined at GLOBE, Covid vaccines go one step further. A step too far.

    A vast army of mRNA and DNA fragments penetrate the protective membranes of billions of cells and take control of our immune system. Which equates to increased vulnerability to a wide range of illnesses and a loss of flexibility in our immune responses referred to as immune imprinting. The failure to acknowledge, discuss or tackle the crisis smacks of extreme cowardice, avarice, and cruelty. The sheer scale of harmful effects and casualties runs against all morality whether contained in the canons of medical ethics, the commandments of religions or the constitutions of nations.

    It is four and a half years since the man-made Covid virus first escaped from a lab. There have been very few ‘Lessons Learned’ since then and a cynic might say that the Royal Commission is unlikely to say or do anything new. After years of coming up against an official brick wall is anything likely to change in a hurry? Far more likely, with trillions of biotech investment dollars at stake, we will be pushed and coerced to accept more of the same, almost certainly without being informed of risks.

    You must have heard of the expression having a bob (or a dollar) each way, meaning that we should always be prepared, whatever happens. So in addition to lobbying decision-makers, what can or should we do?

    Knowledge Has Organising Power

    The situation we face requires that we gain a broader understanding of natural laws pertaining to our biology. We need to understand ourselves better, and act accordingly. Ayurveda, the ancient health science of India, traditional Chinese medicine, and indeed modern iterations of integrative medicine understand health in terms of balance.

    There is a natural three in one structure to life. Ayurveda expresses this in terms of the balance between the transport (vata), transformation (pitta), and structural systems (kapha) in the body. It uses herbal preparations and other approaches to maintain this balance. In my book Your DNA Diet I explain how a healthy diet must include a variety of natural foods which are based on DNA. Our body uses the genetic intelligence in these foods to maintain balanced health.

    Further dramatic evidence of this intimate relationship between food and genetics was published just yesterday in the leading journal Nature entitled “The level of protein in the maternal murine diet modulates the facial appearance of the offspring via mTORC1 signaling”. The study found that the biochemistry of the diet of mice during pregnancy affects the appearance of mice including the size of their cranium and facial features. The study found this effect was also applicable to maternal human diets during pregnancy. In other words, not just the genetics of parents but also the genetic dynamics of our food affects the characteristics of offspring.

    Balance, or Homeostasis as It is Known in Medicine, is a Dynamic Process in the Body.

    Homeostatic feedback systems manage more or less automatically the balance at the level of our cells, organs, organ systems, and for the body as a whole. This is not a one size fits all system, local and global adjustments to biochemical balance in trillions of cells are distinct and specific to the need to maintain balance in each cell and simultaneously the body as a whole. These varied responses are governed by the abstract organising intelligence in the body which is ultimately connected with our consciousness or awareness and supported by our diet.

    Thus Ayurveda describes our homeostatic physiological mechanisms not only in terms of the balance between our transport, transformation, and structural systems, but also in terms of the togetherness of knower, knowing and known. We have written extensively about this before in Your DNA Diet and elsewhere and also referenced the practical health benefits of a lighter purer diet and the daily practice of meditation.

    In contrast, modern medicines go deep into the physiology and dictate physiological responses by indiscriminately flooding cells and systems with inflexible biochemical and now genetic instructions, unheeding of local situations and needs. None of this does more universal damage than mRNA vaccines which directly affect the immune functioning of the whole body. This all translates into an upset of balance in both local and global physiological systems. The exact opposite of time-honoured traditional approaches to balancing health.

    Education Needs to Encompass Well Being

    From this perspective, modern medical interventions are contributing to the growth of hospitalisation, medical misadventure and the record levels of disease, including cancers, heart disease, and infectious diseases. Yet there is a brick wall shutting out questions, criticism and complementary approaches. The crisis has become so intense and intractable that observant independent commentators of the modern world are starting to talk about a looming mega-disaster whether it will be geopolitical, financial, or pharmaceutical, including Senator Ron Paul and many others.

    Ron Paul’s solution is the education of people and I agree with him. The content and style of education today is largely regulated by the state with the support of the legacy media. If we are to forge a new and safer direction of civilization we will need to revitalise education and extend its content to include well being in all its facets. Education needs to value life. Efforts to improve education need not be ‘calls in the wilderness’, they can involve collective efforts and individual initiatives. These cannot be postponed.

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