One Last Throw of The Dice For Humanity

    Professor Michael Plank of Covid-19 Aotearoa Modelling and Te Punaha Matatini is a mathematical biologist and epidemiologist commissioned by the New Zealand government to deliver mathematical modelling of COVID-19 in support of the pandemic response.

    Today, he advised us all to roll the genetic dice one more time and get another COVID-19 mRNA vaccine to avoid winter illness. Is he up to date on the risks for the individual and humanity? Let’s find out.

    A team of doctors at the authoritative Harvard Medical School is offering us another opinion in the journal The Neurohospitalist under the title “Fatal Post COVID mRNA-Vaccine Associated Cerebral Ischemia”. The study discusses a case of a thirty-year-old female recipient of the Moderna mRNA Covid shot who subsequently developed circulatory and inflammatory problems in her brain followed by a fatal stroke. The authors conclude:

    “The side effects of COVID-19 infection and vaccination are still incompletely understood….clinicians should be aware of presentations like this one.”

    Individual risks are growing with each vaccine

    As we pointed out in our last article, the medical authorities really don’t know what is causing a surge in winter illness coming on top of our already overwhelmed hospital system. In an interview with Jamie Morton of the NZ Herald, Professor Plank references new so-called FLiRT variants of the JN.1 Covid strain. Rather than pressing the fear button and urging one more throw of the COVID-19 vaccine dice, Professor Plank might have drawn upon a couple of principles from Virology 101.

    At this point in the pandemic, the biggest drivers of COVID variation are actually COVID-19 vaccines. The more Covid vaccines, the more Covid variants. Variants are running into uncountable millions. Among them, Covid variants that evade COVID-19 vaccines are set to flourish and spread.

    Secondly, as we have referenced previously, repeated doses of Covid vaccines cause Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

    Thirdly, as is now admitted in the scientific literature, the more mRNA COVID-19 vaccine doses you have, the more exposed you become to serious risks, including heart disease, stroke and cancer.

    We reported just days ago that prominent vaccine advocate Dr. Vinay Prasad is now suggesting that the evidence shows the risk of serious illness following mRNA Covid vaccination outweighs any potential benefit.

    The gene illusion that is killing us

    Possibly, Professor Plank doesn’t read the Hatchard Report. Nor does it appear that Jennifer Doudna, inventor of the CRISPR gene editing technique. Doudna is an unrepentant advocate of our individual and collective biotechnology future. In her book “A Crack in Creation: Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution” Doudna says:

    “Armed with the complete CRISPR toolkit, scientists can now exert nearly complete control over both the composition of the genome and its output.”

    On a more sober note, Doudna continues:

    “The power to control our species’ genetic future is awesome and terrifying. Deciding how to handle it may be the biggest challenge we have ever faced.”

    But don’t think that means Doudna has embraced precautionary thinking, she describes belief in the safety of gene editing as the “scientific consensus” and continues “….have no doubt, this technology will — someday, somewhere — be used to change the genome of our own species in ways that are heritable, forever altering the genetic composition of human kind.”

    In fact Doudna has no doubt that critics of rampant gene editing are fools, she is appalled by their ignorance. And concludes “human gene editing would almost assuredly never have the same catastrophic consequences as the detonation of a nuclear weapon”.

    Doudna was writing in 2017 before the pandemic. Her assurances of safety were worthless. The millions of pandemic deaths that have scarred the world had not yet happened in 2017, but already an obscure laboratory in Wuhan was busy using Doudna’s CRISPR techniques to perform clandestine experiments to enhance coronaviruses. In effect, they were busy weaponizing a version of the highly infectious common cold. Gain of function experiments that would end up editing humanity.

    The New York Post yesterday published an article entitled “Explosive emails show top NIH adviser deleted records, used ‘secret’ back channels to help Fauci evade COVID transparency“. Newly uncovered documents show those responsible, including Anthony Fauci in America conspired to cover up the truth about Wuhan and the origins of Covid. Well they might, that truth is just as explosive and devastating as nuclear detonation. As in war, millions have died as a result of CRISPR gene editing.

    We have only just begun to realise how much humanity has been edited.

    We have reported on the health effects of the pandemic and the Covid vaccines, but the true extent of the violent effects of the pandemic and our response to it are extraordinary and far reaching.

    A lengthy article in the New York Times is entitled “How the Pandemic Reshaped American Gun Violence”. To assess the impact of the pandemic years, the New York Times created a map of every gun homicide in the United States since 2020, using data collected from the police and news media accounts by the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive.

    The analysis revealed that gun deaths spread like a virus into new neighbourhoods during the pandemic: An additional 8.7 million Americans now live on a block near a gun homicide — a 23 percent increase from the pre-pandemic years.

    Whilst gun violence is rife in America, we don’t have any cause for complacency here in lightly armed New Zealand. We too have suffered an unprecedented rash of violent crime and behaviour.

    So can we lay some of the senseless violence and destructive behaviour at the feet of Covid vaccines? Short answer: no one knows. Suffice to say that the genetic mechanisms in our cells support not just our health but also our behaviour and crucially our consciousness.

    I sat having my haircut a few days ago as the hairdresser sagely informed me that health all comes down to genes. This popular notion that we need to get our genes corrected is an illusion. That is the last thing we should be doing.

    There is a fine line between truth and illusion, between empathy and hatred, discrimination and prejudice, and between humanity and the pitilessness of animal predatory behaviour. How our genes keep us on the right side of kindness is unknown. Our knowledge about the effect of gene editing on consciousness is still a blank slate. On that blank slate, like the entrance to Dante’s inferno, we should write “abandon hope all who enter here”.

    Truly as Doudna said “The power to control our species’ genetic future is awesome and terrifying” but not in the sense that she meant ‘awesome’. We should rather reference the awesome shadow of Hiroshima and the Holocaust, and so should Doudna now if she has any post-pandemic common sense and wisdom of hindsight.

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