Ten Thousand Cities

    An opinion piece caught my eye in the New York Times this week entitled ‘My Patients Used to Be Enthusiastic About the Covid Vaccine. What Changed?’. The article is behind a paywall, but you can guess the content can’t you?

    This article is available as a PDF document.

    A vaccine enthusiast medic bemoaning the near universal rejection by the public of the latest mRNA Covid vaccine boosters. For the author, Dr. Ofri, the sanctity of vaccines is unquestioned and unquestionable, no matter how poorly they perform and how many people are severely affected. If you want to know about her sorry arguments in detail you can read a critique by the indefatigable journalist Alex Berenson under the title “They STILL won’t quit pushing the mRNAs”.

    Dr. Ofri’s opinion is just the tip of the iceberg that is freezing out anyone who openly questions mRNA vaccine safety in the medical profession. Nor apparently can anyone expect relief from the courts: the NZ Herald reports the sad story of a Wairarapa nurse Amanda Turner fired by Te Whatu Ora over mild FB posts questioning the safety of mRNA vaccines. She may need to pay $20k in court costs after unsuccessfully challenging her dismissal and then proceeding to lose on appeal. Her crime—she shared a FB post from another person saying they had experienced a rash or hives after receiving an mRNA shot (a known and recognised side effect to the Covid mRNA vaccines). It must feel like a personal assault and, of course, a rejection of the time honoured principles of the Hippocratic oath and medical ethics.

    Other institutions are also presenting a united front. The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal has ruled that Dr. Peter Canady is guilty of professional misconduct because he publicly questioned the safety of mRNA vaccines. Numerous private companies have successfully defended themselves before the ERA against the charge that they breached employee rights when they sacked the unvaccinated. The basis of these court decisions has been faith in government mandate policy and worthless assurances of vaccine safety and efficacy.

    Toot your horn if you think the court rulings are ill-informed, nutty and draconian.

    Let’s face it: in a country where 90% of the population is already mRNA vaccinated, you can hardly expect justice or sympathy from those in authority. Any backtracking would reflect very badly on their own role during the period of vaccine rollout and mandates. The UK Daily Telegraph is rightly referring to these die hard Covid policy administrators as “Covid vaccine fanatics”.

    But there is no longer a united front. Many GPs and hospital staff at the patient care coal face are becoming aware that something has gone horribly wrong and their pro-vaccine rhetoric has gone suddenly silent. Talking to doctors I am hearing stories of confidential advice to patients to steer clear of boosters. For example, the surgeon who told his patient about to be discharged from hospital after a major transplant operation. “I wouldn’t want to see you back here again so promise me no more Covid boosters.”

    Despite this, mainstream media in New Zealand and elsewhere cannot let go and start questioning the wisdom and safety of near universal Covid mRNA vaccination. Why? There is now an abundance of high quality published evidence of serious harm, but the scales have been tipped against it by the media business model. The media are clinging on to solvency by the tips of their fingers. Advertising revenue and sponsorship from drug companies is in many cases a significant part of their dwindling revenue stream.

    Instead, a close study of media offerings reveals a growing preponderance of disturbing stories about people who have recently fallen sick or died with serious illness, including so called turbo cancers and heart attacks, etc. An article by one of the world’s leading cancer experts Dr. Angus Dalgleish reveals the way a cacophony of medical authorities have sought to hide and dismiss the variety, extent and causes of the precipitous rise in cancer cases.

    As long as the government fails to publish a comprehensive comparison of hospitalisation and deaths by Covid vaccine status and disease type, vaccine injury will remain under the public’s radar. It’s worse though isn’t it? Leaked NZ health data correlates mRNA Covid vaccination with excess death, and more to the point record levels of excess deaths are persisting here in New Zealand and around the world in highly Covid vaccinated countries. Without facing up to these hard facts, governments will be unable to tackle the problems assailing health services.

    Moreover, as long as the suppression of fact persists, continuing to call for justice and posting more and more evidence of COVID-19 vaccine harm amounts to whistling in the wind and dancing outside the fire circle. No doubt many are feeling upset and angry, but anger is no help when there is no unbiased court of appeal. In fact anger is the invincible foe, it only serves to harm the sufferer, not the guilty party.

    So where can we go to safely dance and whistle now?

    The answer I suggest brings in a second element and one that might be very timely and politically acceptable as New Zealand’s population continues to rapidly rise.

    In a country the size of Britain, we have just three main cities all overcrowded, spreading into the surroundings, gridlocked, and environmentally polluted. House prices have rocketed beyond affordability driven by high demand, low supply, and the absurd red tape of the Resource Management Act. Government policies have encouraged higher and higher densities and smaller housing units, a policy well known overseas to drive crime and social unrest. Proposed high density developments around the country in cities such as Nelson, and elsewhere without gardens or open space are rightfully being described as an entre to future problems and the collapse of the Kiwi experience.

    Yet we are a nation with vast open areas of land, much of it under utilised by agriculture or horticulture.

    It is time to start developing entirely new cities that prioritise quality of life, safety, family values, a clean environment, healthy living and a sustainable future. Cities with wide boulevards, large section sizes, non-polluting personal transport, energy efficiency, and public amenities. Cities that value pure food, the natural environment, parks and gardens, sunshine and clean air, that are free from excessive EMF smog. Basic section sizes of one quarter to a full acre would allow for multigenerational living and nearby family support. One acre is sufficient to grow enough food to feed a family more efficiently. The skills involved can be fostered through education.

    To maximise the advantages of cost-free passive solar heating and cooling of housing stock, each house should be orientated east-west to the cardinal points. Communications can be hard-wired to avoid the hazards of dense wi-fi and cell phone radiation. With comprehensive pre-planning, employment, recreation and educational opportunities can be placed within easy walk or cycle to work distances. Ten thousand inhabitants and all the required community and cultural facilities can be accommodated within an area approximately 4 kms by 4 kms.

    So what is to stop such cities from being controlled by the same short sighted and over bearing administrators that are all too common everywhere?

    It is no good leaving this to governments. Designed by faceless bureaucrats, new cities become soulless concrete jungles more akin to prisons and labour camps. Success demands the participation of those who are alert to the growing dangers with the support of those responsible citizens who have resources. There is still a window of opportunity to get this done before the inevitable damaging contradictions of health and military biotechnology experimentation overwhelms our social and political stability.

    As we have frequently discussed, the missing element of modern science is knowledge of consciousness. Consciousness is not a subject of dry study but rather our own living Self. According to many cultural traditions, the built environment has a profound effect on our consciousness. Almost everyone has experienced the profound silence and expanded consciousness when you walk into the soaring spaces of buildings such as St. Peters in Rome.

    There is a sophisticated system of design which originated in India known as Vastu which lays out exact principles of architecture to enhance the experience, decision-making capacity and health of those living and working in buildings and cities. Vastu is not a vague set of general ideas, it involves mathematically precise proportions, placement and orientation of buildings with respect to the wider environment and the influence of the laws of nature including the sun. Vastu buildings are constructed out of nonpolluting materials.

    In fact the original grid layouts of the garden cities of Christchurch, New Zealand and Adelaide, Australia were heavily influenced by Vastu principles absorbed by their respective town planners when they served in India.

    At its basis is a profound principle—as is the macrocosm so is the microcosm. Shape is profoundly important and related to proper function at the molecular level. Misfolded molecules can be a cause of disease. Similarly the materials, proportions, placement and orientation of some buildings enhances the health of the occupants while others can degrade it by a significant degree. Currently all the decisions of governments are being taken in buildings that are poorly designed. For example east facing entrances admit the positive and healing first rays of the rising sun. Buildings designed to face east will be more healthy.

    Vastu design is a highly precise and mathematical science which finds echoes in the classically proportioned buildings of ancient civilisations including Greece. Vastu design requires mathematical training in traditional principles and some developers have already begun to apply these principles in NZ and Australia to individual house design.

    Faced as we are, with growing chaos, polarisation and technological extremes, there is a need to revive principles of living which have been lost to view. Knowledge is inevitably lost with the passage of time, often swamped by conflict both current and historical. If we are to survive the global transition that is already in progress, revival of knowledge is a necessity. The design, construction, and occupation of new cities in harmony with Nature can forge a powerful path to help achieve this.

    The peaceful and orderly state of mind that Vastu produces is the need of our time, not just here in New Zealand but around the world. In ten thousand cities, like minded people could live together where the collective effect of the built environment will create a peaceful atmosphere. This could purify collective consciousness and help safeguard the future from stress, mistakes and conflict. As geopolitical tensions rise, this is not just an imaginative hope but a necessity to foster individual insight, good governance, health, and a community cooperative spirit that can help to carry us through the current crisis and beyond.

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