The Big Picture: We Have Jumped Off an Evolutionary Cliff

    Post-pandemic, we have found ourselves living in a considerably changed world. A polarised world with elevated levels of social and international conflict. How did we arrive here, and where do we go now?

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    According to current academic thinking major evolutionary transition points are associated with novel ways of using, storing, or transmitting information.

    The most powerful of these changes are embedded in our genetic code, which is now understood to encompass the epigenetic operation of the whole cell.

    The pandemic era has accelerated and climaxed a perfect storm of disruption through the manipulation of genetic structure and operation—the introduction of synthetic biological pathogens and gene-based global inoculation programs, both of which directly and powerfully mutate our biologically-based human information systems.

    During the last 75 years, our food intake has been transformed by a proliferation of agri-chemicals and additives. Then, thirty years ago, gene-altered foods and, subsequently, biosynthetic food substitutes produced through gene-based technology began to be introduced.

    The modern era has seen the development of bioweapons destructive enough to end the world as we know it. Imagining that current approaches to regulation will contain them or ensure they will not be used is a worthless pipe dream.

    Looking back into history, as weapons are developed they are always used to destructive effect.

    After a relatively peaceful hiatus of 30 years, deaths in armed conflict surpassed 200,000 in 2022; alarmingly, much of it state-promoted. Yet this is small change compared to biotechnology casualties.

    Deaths from armed conflict are dwarfed by the tens of millions of people who have died as a direct result of biotechnology experimentation during the last three years. Whether from a lab-made virus or a vaccine is in a very real sense irrelevant.

    Life expectancy has fallen for the first time in more than 100 years, in the US down from 79 years in 2018 to 76 in 2021 wiping out the gains gradually acquired over many previous decades.

    The pandemic has given us a glimpse into a biotech-dominated future, with increasingly shorter, sicker lives and lower fertility rates.

    Biological weapons pose the ultimate destructive force. They are indiscriminate weapons, affecting everyone, friend or foe. Their deployment, whether it has been accidental or deliberate, has ushered in an era where destructive cruelty is an end in itself, a credo of casual experimentation forced on vast human populations. Don’t imagine we can be an uninvolved spectator to the resulting carnage.

    Biotechnology has weakened our ties to natural law, which has for untold millions of years guided our evolution and elevated civilization to its present circumstances. Yet all the while we are being lulled into a sense of complacency with seductive and baseless promises of a disease-free future. Nothing could be further from the truth and the incontrovertible evidence

    You don’t have to be a genius to work out that things are heading for a crisis. The astounding number of biotech-induced deaths points to the extreme evolutionary challenges posed by biotechnology. Some cataclysmic events, such as meteor impacts, lead to sudden change, but evolutionary change generally occurs over very long time scales, often hundreds of thousands or millions of years, not three years.

    Without an intervention outlawing biotechnology experimentation, we are heading for an evolutionary disaster where our biological/genetic information base preserved over millions of years is wiped out within a small countable number of years. We have jumped off an evolutionary cliff.

    The main culprit is a quasi-scientific discipline more akin to a blind and misguided idolatry which is widely practiced and shared among all the nations on earth—biotechnology experimentation that has already killed millions of people and is set to kill millions more.

    Biotechnology experimentation is disguised as medicine but is actually a process of unpicking the basis of human life through gene editing—the reverse of human evolution. This equates with degrading human immunity and crucially intelligence. It is expanding unimpeded around the globe without being identified as the actual pandemic culprit.

    Life begins with a single cell. Every aspect of our life depends on the integrity of the cell. Biotechnology is the process of crossing the cell membrane and altering the core processes of life. This is inherently destructive.

    For months now we have reported the publication of a stream of research papers detailing individual physiological and psychological deficits associated with mRNA vaccination. The stream has now become a torrent. For example, this week, we note:

    Dynamics of Serum-Neutralizing Antibody Responses in Vaccinees through Multiple Doses of the BNT162b2 Vaccine reporting that the vaccinated suffer extended viral persistence due to immune response degradation.

    Correlation between COVID-19 vaccination and inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders which found that Covid-19 vaccination is a significant risk factor for a range of musculoskeletal disorders, including Plantar Fasciitis (foot/heel fibrous tissue inflammation), Achilles tendonitis, Bursitis, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, HIVD (upper back herniated disk), Spondylosis (chronic neck wear and pain), Adhesive Capsulitis (inflammation of the shoulder) and De-Quervain Tenosynovitis (wrist inflammation).

    Suppressed IgG4 class switching in dupilumab- and TNF inhibitor-treated patients after repeated SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination which uncovered the promotion of IL-4 (interleukin-4) following mRNA Covid vaccination. IL-4 is known to promote cancer tumour growth including acceleration of existing tumours.

    Just peruse our recent reports, well-referenced to published science rather than political ideology and uniformed comment, and realise that biotechnologies which cross the cell membrane affect the entire physiology in one king hit. The reported tsunami of post vaccine adverse events are not a series of conditions with isolated causes coincidentally related to Covid vaccination caused by pre-existing vulnerabilities, as the Covid vaccine apologists and cheer-leaders are telling the paid media.

    People have been deliberately isolated from scientific findings and do not realise if they or their friends are unwell that it might be demonstrably associated with mRNA Covid vaccination.

    The rapidly accumulating evidence points to disruption of the entire human physiology and psychology through genetic and epigenetic disruption within billions of cells directly, and we must say deliberately and misguidedly, caused by biotechnology experimentation.

    We have to face the hard fact that for the last 70 years since the discovery of the DNA helix, biotechnology has been growing like an invasive but undetected cancer at the heart of healthcare and agriculture.

    First, GM foods, which failed to increase yields or protect crops from pests and disease as promised, eventually led to greater dependence on costly and harmful pesticides and agrichemicals, bankrupting farmers and, in many cases, driving them to suicide. Crops whose effects on health were never properly investigated or assessed.

    Then, genetic manipulation of farm animals who, as a result, lived short sick lives. Followed by manipulation of micro-organisms which achieved nothing.

    Finally, biotech experimentation on human populations which has increased a vast array of illnesses, not decreased it, pushing up excess deaths and lowering birth rates.

    All along, there were vast profits to be made from gullible investors and government sponsors who were seduced by false biotech promises. Crucially, adverse events and failed projects are consistently hidden from public view—a cover-up that is rapidly growing as adverse effects multiply. A report this week Hiding of VAERS reports of myo/pericarditis incidence in the US to avoid inclusion in analysis of safety highlights this process at work.

    Working in tandem with the profiteers, heavily-funded public relations experts, allowed free reign to distort and omit concerning findings of risk, ensure biotechnology is falsely presented as the solution to all disease and human limitations. In reality, biotechnology has become a global industry with one million people employed worldwide generating half a trillion dollars of revenue in 2022, but producing virtually no actual cures of disease or beneficial products. The opposite in fact, a vast industry built on a failed understanding of life that is delivering death and disease to millions.

    Unless biotechnology experimentation is outlawed, we are facing an extinction event. Outlawing biotechnology experimentation means the exclusion of biotechnology from agriculture and the food chain, from healthcare, from military research, from academia, from the classrooms and from the laboratories from where escape is inevitable. For decades, society has been training a global army of biotechnologists who have been falsely indoctrinated with the idea that genetic manipulation is safe and effective. In fact, they will destroy life unless the whole endeavour is stopped.

    Crick and Watson didn’t solve the mystery of life in 1953, they delved too deep and opened the door to the destruction of humanity. Don’t for one moment think that biotechnology can continue safely.

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