What is Consciousness Based Medicine

    I expect you have noticed that the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and lockdown advocates have increasingly gone silent. Mainstream media overseas have also noticed. The UK Daily Telegraph headlines today: I’m not a Covid conspiracy theorist. I was right. The UK papers are also full of reports of a class action lawsuit against AstraZeneca over vaccine injury.

    Here in New Zealand, the media haven’t gone that far, but they have realised something has gone wrong. Stuff newspaper headlines “Why more ‘very unwell’ adults are turning up at hospitals.” However the article stops short of answering the ‘why’. Our health service has lost its way, but very few people, including those in parliament, are prepared to discuss the matter publicly.

    On Wednesday (Thursday morning NZ time), I gave a talk to the Scientific and Medical Network in the UK, which gave the question a thorough airing. I suggested a solution to the ongoing health crisis, which was very well received. The Chair of the Galileo Commission described it as a great and important presentation. Other feedback commented on its depth and relevance.

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