While You Were Sleeping….

    Under urgency, the government has passed the Therapeutic Products Bill while we were distracted by the world cup and the violent events in Auckland. Why?

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    The bill mandates that all products claiming to benefit your health will have to be approved by government-appointed regulators. The same regulators who rubber stamped disastrous pandemic policies. Despite presenting no evidence that natural products are dangerous to health, Labour and the Greens have pressed ahead to gain total control over our health choices in an extraordinary extension of their power over our daily lives (read what the natural health products industry says about it here and weep).

    It would be an understatement to say my family is disappointed and disgusted about this. Considering how many health benefits we have enjoyed over the years from natural products, many of which we grow in our own garden, our comments around the breakfast table this morning are unprintable. It led us to reflect on the processes that are guiding us to an almost unimaginable future.

    Fear has become a weapon that is being used to manipulate us. Whether it is fear of climate change, fear of disease and death, fear of war, fear of poverty, or even fear of speaking freely, they are being deceptively used to change our habits for the worst in every sphere of our lives. Yet the outcomes most desired by those leading the way do not appear to be solutions but profit and power.

    Fear is the Mindkiller

    As Frank Herbert said, ‘fear is the mindkiller’. A whisper of some new disease and you must buy a new drug, whether proven useful or proven dangerous, or simply unproven. Stoking fear is enough to ensure compliant acceptance. Ditto for new foods, fads, cars, weapons, and you name it.

    Now firmly in the hands of government regulators, our future is destined to be shrouded in pharmacology. We are already surrounded by government approved vape shops promoting harmful chemicals being used by all and sundry, including primary kids, oblivious to the addictive and devastating consequences.

    Meanwhile, government regulators are proposing restrictive regulation of cinnamon, vitamin C, B12, and hundreds of other natural products and herbs known to be not just beneficial but essential for health.

    As our politicians pretend they are inclusive and we are not, their actions are undermining our centuries old cultural heritage of herbal lore, Mātauranga Māori, traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. More than fifty percent of us use natural health products. Now they are denying us a right to choose freely. How dare Parliament bid to stop us!!

    The provisions of the Therapeutic Products Bill are part and parcel of a process known as global harmonisation. In a highly regulated world, when we are all subject to the same stringent rules, only those mega corporations with a global reach will be well placed to profit with their mass produced unhealthy chemical and biotech alternatives. The mega corporations are the ones making the rules to suit themselves and fear is their weapon of choice.

    Dr. Josef Mengele working in Auschwitz selected over 1000 twins for his sadistic and deadly experiments. The reason we know so much about Mengele’s crimes is that he was intensely interested in the results of his experiments which he documented in detail. I am not interested in drawing a parallel here between anything Dr Mengele did and what is happening now, but rather to highlight the obvious differences.

    In our globalised world, whatever experiments are being designed in hidden laboratories are not affecting thousands but billions of individuals. The true horror of our present circumstances is revealed when we realise that the experimenters are not interested in documenting the outcomes, but merely harvesting the profit and the power. Meaning the true extent of their crimes will never be known.

    We and many others have repeatedly requested the government and the medical authorities to document and publish the outcomes of pandemic policies and interventions, but instead, they are assiduously ignoring or hiding the data. See here or watch here. The evidence is overwhelming and its omission from public debate is criminal.

    However, there is one respect in which the two circumstances, 80 years apart, seem strikingly similar. After the war, Dr. Mengele escaped and was never brought to justice. After the pandemic, the chief perpetrators have escaped accountability, they are being lauded as heroes. The reason this is happening is the total control that powerful interests in government, the media, and big pharma are able to wield over public narratives.

    We are going to the polls this year. Reflect that democracy, which is supposed to mean participation of all the people, has come to mean control of all the people. There is no need for governments to control what we eat or what we do to further our health. If we continue to sleep through successive legislative initiatives to bind us in chains, the horrific outcomes of global experimentation will never be controlled and cleaned up.

    Provisions in the Therapeutic Products Bill are designed to facilitate novel medicine, not protect the public. These provisions have been carefully crafted with the input of global commercial interests so that traditional means to maintain health that work through nutritional supplementation using natural materials will be hobbled or banned by regulation. This is designed to open the door to domination by mass-produced experimental biotechnology including novel foods.

    Whatever is happening now is unsustainable, harmful, and unintelligent, if we continue to sleep through it, a time will come when we may never be able to wake up. Make no mistake about it, biotechnology experimentation is the ultimate destructive weapon that affects everyone without discrimination and can never be recalled.

    Your ability to access natural health products is at risk.

    Contact your MP to express your outrage. Demand that the Therapeutic Products Bill be repealed.

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    To read more about the global effects of regulation of natural health products read my book Your DNA Diet or view our YouTube video An Open Message To Parliament. Why Are They Regulating Natural Health Products?

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